BDZ-Quality sign for small wastewater treatment systems

The BDZ-Quality sign is an optional responsibility of manufacturers of small wastewater treatment systems. The intention of this is to define requirements which shall amend the lawful minimum requirements. Goal is to improve the quality of products and the reliability of decentralized wastewater with small wastewater treatment systems.


The BDZ-Quality sign comprises the inspection of small wastewater treatment systems and all attainments which refer to the product including advice, assembly, initiation, attendance and service.


This should lead to broad acceptance among planners, local decision makers and water authorities.


The BDZ-quality sign applies to small treatment plants for treating domestic wastewater for the German market, including those from restaurants and commercial businesses of up to 50 PT.




  • Application: Bildungs- und Demonstrationszentrum für dezentrale Abwasserbehandlung e.V.
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