france                   Information about “The method of checking models of the same type”
                   according to the approval procedure of the French Environmental Ministry.


In its minutes of 31 May 2011, the French Environmental Ministry establishes the requirements on how to determine the comparability of models in a range. These requirements are applicable for plants up to 20 PE. The comparability is determined by conducting practical tests on the different models in the range. The model initially tested according to EN 12566-3 B (treatment efficiency) shall deliver the reference level. All following models of the range have to deliver comparable values.


The following test measurements must be performed to every model of the range (plants with fixed bed or activated sludge process):


  1. The oxygen transfer in clean water


  1. The residence time with a tracer test.


  1. The recirculation Qr.


If you have questions or if you are interested in a test, please contact us.