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May, 2nd 2016


              1. NEW tool available. First version of calculation tool to double check your range.

               Please contact Daniel Verschitz  This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it for the tool.


               2. Durability of small waste water treatment plants

    check document attached for detailed information, e.g. REQUIRED concrete strength.



March, 24th 2016


Important revision on scaling of the surface of primary.

For details check attachment:   





February 19th 2016


Information on durability of materials

Important: The certification of the durability of materials by the Notified Body for part 3 products is separate from compliance with the SR66 and is required by the EN 12555-3 standard and so for the certification!


A list of Notified Bodies can be found here:


If you decide to test the durability with PIA GmbH please prepare the specimens as explained below and add technical datasheets (grp, polyethylene, polypropylene) respectively the recipe (concrete).



grp dv


Width ≥ 25 mm

h = Thickness

l = 20 * h

Number: At least 20

Cut face must be coated with resin.



grp 2 dv


Size min. 300 mm (l) * 250 mm (b) * h mm

Number: 2



The specimens must be prepared according to EN 12390-1 and EN 12390-2.

To determine the compressive strength 3 specimens are needed.
They can be
cylinders: diameter: 150 ± 1.5 mm, height: 300 ± 3.0 mm or
cubes: edge length 100 ± 1.0 mm or edge length: 150 ± 1.5 mm.
After producing, the specimens must be stored under water for 7 days
(water temperature water 20°C). Please wrap the specimens afterwards in foil and send them to PIA.



January 2016, Important announcement


The National Standards Authority of Ireland (NSAI) have recently developed and published a Standard Recommendation (SR66) providing guidance on small wastewater treatment products. It outlines the existing National Annex requirements but also includes requirements relating to the number of de-sludgings carried out during the treatment efficiency test. For SWWTS with shared ITT, SR 66 contains comparability requirements for the tank which must be complied with. Where a family of products exist, claiming the same performance as the tested model, scaling rules apply.
PIA understands that the Technical Guidance Document H (TGD H) - Drainage and Waste Water Disposal is being amended to reference S.R.66 and that the amended TGD H will become effective in early 2016 (Beginning of April). This will mean that all Wastewater Treatment products will have to be in compliance with SR66 to be eligible for use in Ireland. In response to this and to ensure that appropriate certification is available to show compliance with SR66, PIA is developing a new list of products meeting the requirements of SR66.


If you wish to have your product certified to SR66 and displayed on our website please contact Dipl.-Ing. Daniel Verschitz




SR66 available here:                                                                                                                                    







Small Wastewater Treatment Systems

Tested to the EN 12566 Standard Part 1 or Part 3:


The following is a list of Manufacturers whose products have been initial type tested by a Notified Body in accordance with the relevant parts of EN 12566 Small wastewater treatment systems for up to 50 PT.
Wastewater treatment plants tested to EN 12566 Part 3 - Packaged and/or site assembled domestic wastewater treatment plants, are listed with their certification displayed in a manner suitable for comparison to the National Annex for Ireland. The declared results as shown on the certificates are valid for a test influent of 300 mg/l BOD5 or greater. They should be checked against the values specified in the Irish National Annex Table NA1 and Table NA2 to determine the products suitability for use in Ireland.

NOTE 1: The certificates as shown demonstrate the performance of the product when installed, serviced and maintained in accordance with good practice and the manufacturers recommendations. The certificates only give brief information. Technical details concerning the installation, maintenance and operation can not be derived from the information on the certificates. They necessarily have to be taken from the manufacturer's instructions!

NOTE 2: Where small wastewater treatment plants are produced by two manufacturers, ie one company produces the tank and the other manufacturer produces the technical kit, the standard EN 12566-3 requires that one producer (marketer) is responsible for the compliance of the product.
Where the conformity of the product has been verified by two manufacturers the manufacturer, which is named first, takes responsibility for the compliance with the requirements for all aspects of the wastewater treatment plant.

NOTE 3: The listed documents replace neither the declaration of conformity nor the CE marking.

List of certificates in accordance to Part 3 (in alphabetical order):

   AAA TANKS + Klärtechnik Reinhardt GmbH - Aqua Pro SBR.pdf  

   ANUA (Bord na Móna) - Puraflo.pdf

   ANUA Platinum GRP+concrete.pdf

   ATB Umwelttechnologien GmbH + Carlow Precast - Aquamax.pdf

   ATB Umwelttechnologien GmbH + McGrath Quarries - Aquamax.pdf

  August IR Ko - VFL with and without filter.pdf

   Balmoral Ltd - HydroClear 6-20.pdf   

  BioCycle + Carlow Precast.pdf

   Bio Uro Clean - Bio Uro Clean.pdf

   Biofriendly -  PS8.pdf

   Biorock - Biorock System.pdf

   Burke Wastewater_Tpw EUROTANK + Ammermann Umwelttechnik GmbH.pdf

   C & L Fabrication Ltd. - CLF System.pdf

   Cronin Bio Process Ltd. - Prosafe 8.pdf

   Cronin Bio Process Ltd. - Prosafe Tanks + AQUATO Umwelttechnologien GmbH -  STABIKOM.pdf

   Delaney Concrete Ltd - Bio-Crete.pdf

   Delaney Concrete - Bio-Microbics.pdf

   Denis Harris + PPU Umwelttechnik GmbH - ClearFox.pdf

   Doran Concrete Products Ltd. - 7500L.pdf

   Gerry Delaney Precast Concrete - Eire Ecowise.pdf

   Gleeson Precast - Biogreen BAF.pdf

   Graf GmbH - Klaro E SBR.pdf

   Graf GmbH - Klaro Easy SBR.pdf

   Harrington Concrete u. Quarries - Hydro Klenze.pdf

  Ireland Waste Water + utp umwelttechnik pöhnl GmbH - Euro BioD.pdf

   Kilkenny Pre-Cast Concrete Ltd- KPC Bio-Filter.pdf

   Kingspan Cert Bio-Ficient irish.pdf

   Kingspan Environmental Limited - Bioficient+

  Kingspan Environmental Newry - BioDisc.pdf

  Kingspan -represented by Klargester, Envirocare- Biosafe.pdf      

  Limerick WTI Concrete Tanks + Premier Tech Aqua Ltd - SOLIDO smart

  Molloy Precast Products Ltd. + KLARO GmbH - KLARO E.pdf   

   Murphy Concrete Products Ltd. + PPU Umwelttechnik GmbH - ClearFox.pdf

   O'Reilly Oakstown Environmental + Ammermann Umwelttechnik GmbH - Eco Advanced System.pdf

   O'Reilly Oakstown Environmental - BAF System.pdf

   Premier Tech Aqua GmbH - SOLIDO smart

   Premier Tech Aqua Ltd. - ASP in GRP tanks.pdf

  Premier Tech Aqua Ltd. - EPURFIX.pdf 

   Premier Tech Aqua Ltd. - ASP in PE tanks.pdf

   Premier Tech Aqua Ltd. - ECOFLO vgl. EPURFIX.pdf

   Shay Murtagh Ltd. - Septech 2000.pdf

   Streamline Environment Limited - Streamline System.pdf     

   TEC Ltd. + PPU Umwelttechnik GmbH - Aqua Tank Septic Tank.pdf

   TEC Ltd. + PPU Umwelttechnik GmbH - ClearFox.pdf

  TEC Ltd. + PPU Umwelttechnik GmbH - NPower Tank.pdf  

   Tracey Concrete Ltd. - BIO KLENZE.pdf

   Tricel (Killarney) - Novo.pdf

   Viltra - MATRIX CLF.pdf

   WTE - FilterPod.pdf

   W & M Kiely Ltd - BIOKAST P10.pdf

   WPL Ltd. – represented by ANUA – Diamond DMS 2-4.pdf


Septic Tanks tested to EN 12566 Part 1 - Pre-fabricated septic tanks, are listed with their certification displayed in a manner suitable for comparison to the National Annex for Ireland.

They should be checked against the values specified in the Irish National Annex Table NA1 to determine the products suitability for use in Ireland.

List of certificates in accordance to Part 1 (in alphabetical order):

   AAA TANKS - Aqua Tank Septic Tank.pdf

   ANUA Concrete Septic Tank.pdf

   ANUA Septic Tank.pdf

   Aqua Tank Septic Tank.pdf

  Balmoral Septic Tank.pdf

   Carlow Concrete 8PE One Piece Septic Tank System.pdf

   Carlow Concrete 8PE Three Piece Septic Tank System.pdf

   Carlow Four Piece Septic Tank.pdf

   Delaney Concrete Septic Tank.pdf

   Denis Harris Ltd. - Denis Harris Septic Tank.pdf

   Doran SR6 Septic Tank.pdf

   Gleeson Precast - Biogreen 3 Piece Septic Tank.pdf

   Gleeson Precast - Biogreen Septic Tank.pdf

   Ireland Waste Water - EURO-ST.pdf

   Kiely Septic Tank.pdf

   Kilkenny Pre-Cast Concrete Ltd. - 10 Person Septic Tank

   Kingspan -represented by Klargester, Envirocare- Alpha Septic Tank.pdf

   Kingspan -represented by Klargester, Envirocare- Beta+.pdf 

  Kingspan GAMMA Septic Tank.pdf 

   Limerick Water Treatment Ltd - WTI Concrete Septic Tank.pdf

   Mc Grath SR6 Septic Tank.pdf

   Molloy Septic Tank.pdf

   Murphy Septic Tank.pdf

  O'Reilly Oakstown Environmental Ltd. - Oakstown Septic Tank

   Shay Murtagh - Septech Tank.pdf

   Sotralentz -represented by KMG Killarney Plastics- Tricel Septic Tank.pdf

   Streamline Environmental Ltd. - Streamline Septic Tank.pdf

   NPOWER Septic Tank - TEC Ltd.pdf

   WTI Concrete Septic Tank.pdf

   Vento Septic Tank by Sotralentz and Tricel.pdf


NOTE 4: The above has been setup in consultation with the Irish Department of Environment, Community and Local Government.

Further information on Small Wastewater Treatment systems for Ireland can be found on the Departments website

and from the Environmental Protection Agency’s website:


NOTE 5:  Explanation of the different characteristics and tests for septic tanks described on the certificate

The structural behaviour is performed on the largest size of the range.

The hydraulic efficiency is performed on the smallest size of the range.

The watertightness and nominal capacity is performed on every size of the range.

The nominal capacity is only the numerical designation of the volume of a septic tank, expressed as an integer in cubic metres as required by the standard.

Next to the nominal capacity, the full, usable volume is declared in brackets. This value is needed to fulfil the requirements of the following formula defined in the Environmental Protection Agencies Code of Practice- Wastewater treatment and disposal systems serving single houses and required by the Irish Building Regulations:

C = 150 x P + 2000 where C is the capacity (l) of the tank and P is the design population, with a minimum of four persons.

All different tanks of a range are mentioned on the certificate as a separate nominal capacity.

Example 1: The septic tank range of a manufacturer consists of three different tanks with usable volumes of 2,800 l, 3,800 l and 4,600 l.

So the nominal capacity is 2 m³, 3 m³ and 4 m³. All three of them were tested according EN 12566-1.

The hydraulic efficiency test was done on the 2 m² tank, the structural test was performed on the 4 m³ tank and the watertightness test was done on all of them.

Example 2: The range of a manufacturer consists only of one tank with a usable volume of 4,600 l, and all relevant tests were performed on this tank. So the nominal capacity is 4 m³ with a usable volume of 4,600 l. It is not possible to downscale this plant, e.g. to use it as a 2-m² tank because the hydraulic efficiency was done on the 4-m³ tank.