Company profile

Company profile

In the year of 2002 the Prüfinstitut für Abwassertechnik GmbH (PIA GmbH) was founded in the middle of Europe. Near to the borders of Belgium and the Netherlands the PIA GmbH was established as a testing facility of the testing and development institute for wastewater technology at the RWTH Aachen e.V. (PIA e.V.) The meanwhile biggest testing institute of this type in Europe was built in an exposed location: the premises of the former wastewater treatment plant „Bildchen" of the municipality of Aachen offer optimal infrastructure conditions for the operation of test fields for small wastewater treatment plants, sewage treatment plants for shipboard use and other wastewater treatment plants.

The PIA GmbH has an excellent information platform in respect of questions on the subjects of CE-marking and CE-marking obligation of small wastewater treatment plants.

With meanwhile more than 300 test operations we are able to make use of an immense wealth of experience in the sector of testing wastewater treatment plants, which a. o. distinguishes us in the area of customer service.

The PIA GmbH has been approved as a testing institute for small wastewater treatment plants according to the Building Products Act and is indicated in the lists of the European Union as notified body 1739.

Customer orientation

Engineers, master craftsmen, administrative officials as well as experts also from other areas of expertise provide for competence and quality. The personnel's motivation and expert knowledge allow individual service for each customer. Besides detailed explanation of the individual test requirements, this also includes consultation in the product and test area.

This closeness to the customer admits of high flexibility and prompt reactions even to unpredictable circumstances. Through commitment, the use of latest technologies and the possibility to draw on research results, the PIA GmbH has been able, to find solutions for almost every problem. In particular the closeness to science and research, for you as our customer, is of special relevance: the spectrum of customer service is not limited to the "current state" – also tendencies and perspectives have been taken into consideration at drawing up the individual test catalogue. For us future-oriented acting is of prime importance. As pioneers in the testing area we have managed, to obtain the approval for testing according to the American standard NSF/ANSI 40 and 245. For our customers this means a foray into international markets, since the PIA GmbH has set the course for distribution of your products into Europe, America and Asia.

In order to guarantee top-quality service, our staff members are working in compliance with a QM-system, certified according to DIN 9001:2008.

As we want to meet the requirements of our customers, our staff regularly participates in training courses and seminaries so that technically specialized service can be guaranteed.

The PIA GmbH constantly endeavours to extend its range of performances so that one single institute can carry out all tests required and requested.

It is our mission to lead you and your products to success.


The PIA GmbH is an upcoming enterprise, which is not only esteemed by companies from Germany; also companies from other EU-member states belong to our customer base. Besides testing of water treatment plants on the premises of the PIA GmbH, we in addition offer the service of testing non-transportable systems on the site itself. Experienced staff members will carry out work directly at your location.

Comments made by satisfied customers about PIA GmbH:

„PIA is the only institution that provided me with professional advice.”
“Reliable – there is no other attribute to be used for the staff at PIA.”
“I am really satisfied.”
„They do good work at PIA.“

In hardly any other product area it is so difficult, to clarify the underlying legal conditions and to observe and implement all standards and directives. Therefore, we would like to support you in setting the best possible course.

PIA GmbH – fit for Europe