BS EN 12566-3

BS EN 12566-3

Small wastewater treatment systems for up to 50 PT

Part 3: Packaged and/or sie assmebled domestic wastewater treatment plants

Requirements for initial type tests

  Requirements Models to be tested
  Overall dimensions each model in a range
a. Inlets, outlets, and connections each model in a range
  Accessibility each model in a range
b. Watertightnesst each model in a range
c. Structural behaviour the biggest model with the worst structural behaviour
d. Treatment efficiency the smallest model with the worst treatment efficiency
e. Durability the durability testing is not necessary when the properties of the materials are already known

Date: January 2003 - Data are only for information and without warranty. In any case please look for the newest appropriate norm.

Tasks Content of the task
Tasks under the responsibility of the manufacturer Factory production control (F.P.C.) Parameters related to all characteristics of Table ZA. 1
Initial type testing by the manufacturer All other characteristics of Table ZA. 1 other than those shown below
Initial type testing by a notified test laboratory Structural behaviour test or checking manufacturer's calculation and conformity of the product to the calculation
Treatment efficiency test
Waterthightness test