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Greywater – Systems

Greywater reuse is important in countries with water shortage. In European countries with sufficient water resources the reuse of greywater and rainwater gains in importance due to high prices for drinking water and high environmental consciousness.
For the acceptance of greywater systems it is important to guarantee good water quality and to avoid hygienic risks by reusing the water.

By now no standards for testing greywater - systems exist on the European and German level. 2011 a working group WG50 „Use of treated wastewater" was constituted on the European level under CEN TC165 (waste water engineering) to work on a standard for water reuse including rainwater and greywater - systems.

Part 1 of the European standard „On-site water reuse systems" deals with the use of rainwater. This part is almost finished and will be circulated 2015 for the official vote.
Afterwards WG50 will start to work on part 2 "the use of greywater".
Parallel the German mirror committee NA 119-05-08 AA "Wasserrecycling - Erarbeitung von Normen für die Regenwasser- und Grauwassernutzung" works on the same issues and communuicates with WG50.

Testing of greywater - systems can be carried out at the facilities of PIA according to the following existing Guidelines/Standards:

Australian Guidelines:
NSW Health Department, Domestic Greywater Treatment Systems Accreditation Guidelines

American Standard:
NSF/ANSI 350, Onsite Residential and Commercial Water Reuse Treatment Systems

Canadian Standard:
B 128.3-12, Performance of non-potable water reuse systems

British Standard:
BS 8525, Greywater Systems – Part 2: Domestic greywater treatment equipment –    Requirements and test methods

A performance test according to the existing guidelines and standards gives information about the correct operation and efficiency of the water reuse system.This may be interesting for manufacturers, installers and users to ensure the applicability of the greywater – system.


PIA provides tests depending on different grey-water - systems and on the kind of reuse.

State: January 2015

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